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Great ideas for all bike lovers!

30 Apr


This LED magnetic lights can turn on as soon as it attached to the bike frame. It is easy to attach and take out when you need to leave a bike outside, because of the magnet. Designed by Copenhagen Parts


Lightging Design for “Make Me!”

29 Jul

“This is it! It makes sense to me!” I though so, when I saw this lighting fixture.
I got to know a textile design collection for electronic cable named NUD Collection a few years ago at tradeshow site. I have been attracted to the variety of their fancy designs. On the other hand, I could not hit any suitable product ideas to take advantages of this coolness, nor could not find any designs by other designers. But I finally found it!

NUD Collectionという電気ケーブル用のテキスタイルのコレクションを2、3年前に展示会で知りました。バラエティーに飛んだ素敵なコレクションにうっとりする一方で、いまいちその良さを上手く使ったデザインを思いつかず、また誰かのデザインでの発見もなかったのですが、これぞってかんじでした。

This seems that one of applications for a competition called “Make Me!” to attend an exhibition in Poland. The designer’s name is Tomasz Pydo. I am not sure that he assured to use the NUD collection for his design, but think it would be great partner for each other if they collaborate together.

”Make Me!”というポーランドで開催される展示のコンペへの応募作品の中の一点らしいです。デザイナーはTomasz Pydo. 彼がNUD Collectionを使うことを想定していたかはわからないですけど、コラボしたら面白いと思うんだけどなあ。

To learn more about this competition, click here.

Breaking Boundaries Between Classic Bulb and Lamp

14 Apr

Innovative and fun line of lightings were revealed at the opening of new Allessi’s store in Milan. This project was produced by Foreverlamp and designed by a team of three young designers, Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Gabriele Chiave and Frederic Gooris.

“The AlessiLux project breaks the boundaries between classic bulb and lamp, creating real enlightened and colorful objects.”
From Cool Hunting

革新的且つ楽しい照明コレクションがAlessiのミラノ店でのオープニングで発表されました。このプロジェクトは Foreverlampによって製造され、3人の若いデザイナー Giovanni Alessi AnghiniGabriele ChiaveFrederic Goorisからなるチームによってデザインされました。

「AllessiLux Project は実際の斬新でカラフルな製品たちを作ることによって、クラシックな電球とランプの間にある境を壊してくれました。」

Cool Hunting