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Great ideas for all bike lovers!

30 Apr


This LED magnetic lights can turn on as soon as it attached to the bike frame. It is easy to attach and take out when you need to leave a bike outside, because of the magnet. Designed by Copenhagen Parts


Investing Time for a Design

11 Apr

“ The project was eight years in the making; the first prototype was designed and created by Studio Dega in 2003. The industrial production started in 2009 and it was finally realized and used at Euroshop 2011.”

From Frame Magazine

Tradeshow exhibit industry requires to be in fas-pace process by nature. And the fact is tend to make designers away from thinking and researching innovative ideas. Developing new designs and ideas needs to take a lot of time, money, and people. I am pleasingly surprised by knowing that even in this difficult industry, some are seeking new and innovative ideas investing their time and money.

「このプロジェクトは制作に8年を費やしました。最初の試作品は Studio Degaによって2003年にデザイン作製され、プロダクションは2009年に始まりついに2011年のEuroshopに認められ使用されました。」

Frame Magazineより