The small world of multi-functional furniture

23 Nov

I found this article from Stylepark.

Many of the multi-function on these furniture are not necessary, I think… but add visual impression like “funny” “smart” and “taste of minimalism.”



All Around the World Watch

15 Nov

This is so cute!!

I will cry if I get this as a  Christmas gift this year!

“All around the world is the latest design by British watch brand Mr Jones Watches. Crispin Jones has created a timepiece that tells the time in eight different cities on one watch face.

Each city is represented by an illustration of its most famous architectural landmark: the time in London is marked by Big Ben; in Paris by the Eiffel Tower and so on. To mark the minutes a tiny red pigeon, the universal city dweller, flies over the top of each landmark.

The eight cities and buildings include:
San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge
Utah: Salt Lake Temple
Chicago: Sears Tower
New York: the Statue of Liberty
London: Big Ben
Paris: the Eiffel Tower
Istanbul: Blue Mosque minaret
Moscow: St Basil’s Cathedral

The watches are of a limited edition of 100, with only five available on Dezeen Watch Store. Each comes packed in a Mr Jones Watches box featuring artwork by illustrator Beibei Nie.

PRICE £150.00 (UK and EU) ”

From Dezeen Watch Store

wedding invitation

16 Sep

This is a set of wedding party for a Japanese couple.

There is a well-known romantic story  in Japan called the red string of fate.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmates or a twin flame.

The design concept came from the red string story and Mizuhiki which is a traditional Japaneseart form that uses a special cord.

The invitation shows the history of the couple as how they met like a story on the red line.

Also thank you card uses the actual red thread with two rings expressing eternity. In the card, there is a package of basil seeds from the basil that couple planted.

Please contact the designer from this website, if you want to ask her to design invitation package.

beautilful party items

16 Sep


Recently I had to plan a wedding party and was looking for stylish eco-friendly disposable plates and cups. ( I personally hate the red plastic cups…)


Wasara was found through the research.
It is created by Japanese designers and seems to be distributed to all over the world now.


The products of Wasara was intended to be used for only once as single-used tableware.


“Yet it is designed to minimize the environmental burden. Warasa is made from 100% renewable, tree-free materials, specially, bamboo, reed pulp, and bagasse ( a by-product of the sugur refining process).”

form Wasara’s website

「しかし、環境への負担を最小限にするようデザインされています。Wasaraは100%再生可能な木材伐採からではない素材、特に、竹、葦、バガス (さとうきびの削りかす)から作られています」


Entire collection looks so sleek and elegant.
Their website is also well designed to feel their world.


Vertical Landscape by Ryo Yamada

7 Sep

Is is a Work by Ryo Yamada.
He and his team has been working in Sapporo where is a city located on northern part of Japan.
I can feel the quiet and glorious landscape in Hokkaido.

Love the choice of materials.
Sometimes it becomes transparent, and sometimes becomes translucent…with a bit of reflection.



Here is their motto from their website.

“We do not do categorize our field: architecture, art, landscape design as a just Creator.
And also workshop temporary project and collaboration with regional society is considered as a important work for us.


More articles and photos about this work:
Frame Magazine

Instinct Furniture

Works by Campaign

5 Aug

Campaign is an English retail design agency recently added on my list of favorite design offices. Their experiential approaches are integrated with a various types of media and show very clever and witty solutions.


Here are a couple examples of their work.

This design was done for Heimtextil the international textiles trade fair in Messe Frankfurt.
Commissioned by trend forecasting agency The Future Laboratory, Campaign created an installation, wayfinding and graphic.

このデザインはフランクフルトメッセでのテキスタイルの国際展示会 Heimtextilのために作られました。「キャンペーンはトレンド予想代理店のThe Future Laboratoryに委託され、インスタレーション、ウェイファインディングとグラフィックを作りました。

With unique interactive approaches, Campaign designed a flagship store for a eyewear brand Kirk Originals. At the entrance, you see a series of large, lenticular mobiles of printed eyes in the window. Some seems to track the shoppers’ movements, and some are winking, creating a sense of being watched and admired as you entered the store. Inside, there are white powder coated head s with printed a pair of eyes to display their client’s glasses.

ユニークな相互的なアプローチで、キャンペーンはアイウェアブランド•Kirk Originalsの旗艦店をデザインしました。その入り口では、一連の大きいレンズ型の「目」がプリントされたモビールが見られます。その幾つかはまるで買い物客の動きを追跡し、また幾つかはウィンクをして、見られている感やお店に入ることを賞賛されている感を作り出しています。店内では、白くパウダーコーティングされ両目をプリントされた頭がクライアントの眼鏡をディスプレイしています。

There are a tons of cool designs that they have done in the past on their website. And their descriptions of the projects and explanations for their design processes are also very interesting to read! Please visit at


Also through their blog, you can catch up their latest activities.


100 Best Poster in German-Speaking Countries

3 Aug

“ The winners of the competition, “100 best posters of the year – Germany Austria Switzerland”, have been on show in Berlin, the exhibition is now moving on to Neues Museum (New Museum) in Nuremberg. The competition to find the 100 best posters is considered an important institution of current poster design in German-speaking countries.”


From Stylepark

The book to accompany the exhibition:

100 beste Plakate 10
Hardcover, 240 pages, German / English
Hermann Schmidt Mainz, Mainz, 2011
Euro 34.80

Further stops on the exhibition tour:

July 30 through October 2, 2011: Neues Museum Nuremberg
October 6 through 27, 2011: Campus Dornbirn
November 5 through 13, 2011: “Weltformat 11 – Plakatfestival Luzern”
November 29, 2011 through January 15, 2012: MAK, Vienna
Spring 2012: Museum Folkwang, Essen