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Dupont Corian Creative Award 2011

27 Dec

3 of the prize winner of Dupont Corian Creative Award 2011 was announced in the late October 2011 in Japan. Yayoi Inui presented her tiling system design using the combination of green materials and Corian.  The theme of competition was “Corian With Green”, featuring Dupont’s material, Corian. Her presentation provided how her tiling system may be applied as walls, shelves, flooring, and benches.  The combination of natural materials and Corian created vibrant visual rhythm as well as longer life span for the product.  The design was created with two foci on mind, 1. protecting native flora by using renewable indigenous sources, and 2. promoting the local businesses in the communities by using the local material with traditional roles.  With these foci, the combinatorial materials can be exchanged based on the local resources and availabilities. The presented tiling system used Bamboo and Raspberry Jam Wood as an example of her concept. The emphasis was made on the necessity in creating the global standard for cultivating and set up the business flow unique to local environments. She hopes this recognition by Dupont, a global leading material company, will help raising the awareness in our society tproactively utilize renewable local materials.

Please visit their website to see other winners’ works.


Industrial Felt from Germany

27 Dec

I am currently searching industrial felt for my next design.

Through the internet surfing, I found this German company FilzFelt and loved what they do with their materials.

Only thing that I don’t like about them is that they charge us for the sample swatches…though even the swath book is cute…

Works by Campaign

5 Aug

Campaign is an English retail design agency recently added on my list of favorite design offices. Their experiential approaches are integrated with a various types of media and show very clever and witty solutions.


Here are a couple examples of their work.

This design was done for Heimtextil the international textiles trade fair in Messe Frankfurt.
Commissioned by trend forecasting agency The Future Laboratory, Campaign created an installation, wayfinding and graphic.

このデザインはフランクフルトメッセでのテキスタイルの国際展示会 Heimtextilのために作られました。「キャンペーンはトレンド予想代理店のThe Future Laboratoryに委託され、インスタレーション、ウェイファインディングとグラフィックを作りました。

With unique interactive approaches, Campaign designed a flagship store for a eyewear brand Kirk Originals. At the entrance, you see a series of large, lenticular mobiles of printed eyes in the window. Some seems to track the shoppers’ movements, and some are winking, creating a sense of being watched and admired as you entered the store. Inside, there are white powder coated head s with printed a pair of eyes to display their client’s glasses.

ユニークな相互的なアプローチで、キャンペーンはアイウェアブランド•Kirk Originalsの旗艦店をデザインしました。その入り口では、一連の大きいレンズ型の「目」がプリントされたモビールが見られます。その幾つかはまるで買い物客の動きを追跡し、また幾つかはウィンクをして、見られている感やお店に入ることを賞賛されている感を作り出しています。店内では、白くパウダーコーティングされ両目をプリントされた頭がクライアントの眼鏡をディスプレイしています。

There are a tons of cool designs that they have done in the past on their website. And their descriptions of the projects and explanations for their design processes are also very interesting to read! Please visit at


Also through their blog, you can catch up their latest activities.


Folding Techniques For Designers

2 Aug

This is my memo for future reference.

This link will show you various types of folding techniques.

“Up” or “Down”?

28 Jul

This ceramic tile collection, Pico is designed by French designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Italian brand Mutina. It comes in white, grey, sand, red or blue with two types of textures: “Down” with sunken dots and “Up” with elevated dots.
The material’s slightly irregular texture and matte surface gives the environment more natural and warm impression.

このセラミックタイルのコレクション、picoはフランス人デザイナーの Ronan & Erwan Bouroullecによってイタリアのブランド Mutina (ムティーナ)のためにデザインされました。白、グレー、サンド、赤、それと青のコレクションで2つのタイプのテクスチャーが用意されています。:窪んだドットの「ダウン」とドットの盛り上がった「アップ」。このまてりあるのちょっとイレギュラーなテクスチャーとマットな表面は空間をもっとナチュラルに暖かな印象を与えてくれます。

Here is a part of designer’s comment.

“ We intended to maintain the raw aspect of traditional earth floors or handmade cement, letting the material convey its natural characteristics.”


To learn more about this design, click here!
Also visit the designer’s website from here!

See-Through Concrete: LiTraCon

20 Jun

I saw this material on some magazines a few years ago and remember that it was focused in the articles about Tokyo Fiber. It seemed for me that it was on the early stage to be accepted to the actual design production at the time.

何年か前にこの素材を雑誌等でみましたし、Tokyo Fiber の記事の中でも注目されていたのも覚えています。その時点は私にはまだ実際のデザイン製作に受け入れられ始めた初期段階に見えました。

So I was very excited when I saw some finished products and architecture with the material through The uses of the material are not only for the wall or facade anymore, and can be table lamp shades as interior accents and pavers and sidewalks in the tunnel below your feet. It certainly has been expanding the possibilities.

だから、 Dornob.comでこのマテリアルを使った出来上がった製品や建築物を見た時は代興奮しました。使用方法はもはや壁やファサードだけではありません。インテリアのアクセントとして卓上照明にも、トンネル内の足下にある敷石や歩道にも使われ始めました。確実に使用方法の可能性が広がりつつあるようです。。

The material named  Litracon™ is a combination of optical fibres and fine concrete. It is made with thousands of optical glass fibres which run parallel to each other between the two main surfaces of each block.


RMIG, a Firm Specialized in Metal Sheet

26 May

Recently, I noticed my approach to designs have been transforming since I graduated from design school. Selecting materials is getting much more important to tell stories and translate the concept than finding forms, which I focused on the most when I was student.

最近、デザインへのアプローチが学生を卒業してから変わってきているなあと思う。 物語を伝えたりコンセプトを具現化したりするのに学生時代は「形」を重要視していたけれど、素材選びの方が最近は重要になってきています。

Perforated metal sheet is one of my favorite materials. I actually introduce some designs used perforated metal. I love the cool industrial feel that matches with high-end architecture and interior. The shadows created by the sheet is nice too!


Then I found an article about a firm, RMIG, who specialized in perforated metal.


“For 150 years now, RMIG has been producing a wide-ranging spectrum of perforated and embossed metal sheets for designers and architects. Perforated sheet are used for both technical and decorative purposes and are manufactured bespoke to customer specifications and expectations – with an inconceivable number of possible additional processing stages possible. The sheets can be edged, embossed, be furnished with fastening eyelets or boast lasered contours, too. The corporation also upgrades the surfaces of sheet stainless steel or aluminum as required, for example with powder-coated finishes for indoor or outdoor use, retroactive galvanizing of sheet steel or eloxy-coating for aluminum.”


From Stylepark

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