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wedding invitation

16 Sep

This is a set of wedding party for a Japanese couple.

There is a well-known romantic story  in Japan called the red string of fate.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmates or a twin flame.

The design concept came from the red string story and Mizuhiki which is a traditional Japaneseart form that uses a special cord.

The invitation shows the history of the couple as how they met like a story on the red line.

Also thank you card uses the actual red thread with two rings expressing eternity. In the card, there is a package of basil seeds from the basil that couple planted.

Please contact the designer from this website, if you want to ask her to design invitation package.


100 Best Poster in German-Speaking Countries

3 Aug

“ The winners of the competition, “100 best posters of the year – Germany Austria Switzerland”, have been on show in Berlin, the exhibition is now moving on to Neues Museum (New Museum) in Nuremberg. The competition to find the 100 best posters is considered an important institution of current poster design in German-speaking countries.”


From Stylepark

The book to accompany the exhibition:

100 beste Plakate 10
Hardcover, 240 pages, German / English
Hermann Schmidt Mainz, Mainz, 2011
Euro 34.80

Further stops on the exhibition tour:

July 30 through October 2, 2011: Neues Museum Nuremberg
October 6 through 27, 2011: Campus Dornbirn
November 5 through 13, 2011: “Weltformat 11 – Plakatfestival Luzern”
November 29, 2011 through January 15, 2012: MAK, Vienna
Spring 2012: Museum Folkwang, Essen

Handmade Cyclosophy

1 Jun



From Stylepark

I like the graphic style of this book.

It is so simple but not boring.

“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.” H.G. wells

I can agree with this statement!







Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore

17 May

“Singapore’s 9-month old, 29-room Wanderlust Hotel puts travelers in the mood for discovery from the get-go. Their clever attention to detail, carried throughout the hotel, make the boutique establishment a destination in itself.” The details work as strong story telling fragments, functioning as it is.


The booklet was designed by Foreign Policy Design Group. It created in the form of a boarding pass and accompanying folder that full of useful information not only for introduction the hotel from its history to facilities in the rooms, but also as Singapore city guide.

ブックレットは Foreign Policy Design Groupによってデザインされました。ホテルの歴史やら部屋の設備の紹介だけでなく、シンガポールのガイドブックとしての使えるたくさんの情報はボーディングパスとそのフォルダーの形式で作られています。

“The boarding pass is actually a multi-page catalog about the hotel, describing the differently themed rooms and floors designed by Singaporean design agencies Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFurious” For me, the interior design seems a bit cheesy… but I really like the graphic design for the print materials and want to have them!

「ボーディングパスは実は多ページにわたるホテルに関するカタログで、シンガポールのデザイン代理店 Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFuriousがデザインした違ったデーマの部屋やフロアを紹介しています」私には少しインテリアデザインはくどいかなと思うけど、プリント物のグラフィックがとても好きですし、手に入れたい!

Rooms range from $300 to $650 Singaporean dollars.
They have amenities from Kiehl’s (Yay!) and iPod docks.


From Cool Hunting

Free Poster by Japanese Graphic Designers

30 Mar

I believe  the power of creativity!

The posters were designed to encourage people to save energy.

You can download the posters you like.

It is free of charge!!

The following is the statement by the site owner.

” Heart-warming copied for energy saving have been being created at Twitter#setsudencopy . I am touched by feelings of someone who cares about others. It is MOTTAINAI that it just stays in Twitter!

SO! I am gathering posters design with copy for energy saving. Please print out and post them all around your cities. ( Of course, you need permission if it is needed)

Hey, You saying ” I don’t have a printer”. Surprisingly,you can print is out at Seven Eleven in Japan. All you have to do is to type the number of “Net Print” below each poster in the copy machine.

If you designed new posters and wanted to publish, please click a button of [節電ポスターを投稿する].

Please email me if you have experience no more than a year!”


To visit the site, please click here!







「俺もポスターつくった!」って人は、下の [節電ポスターを投稿する] ボタンをクリック!インターネット歴1年未満の子は、メールで送ってね!」

サイトは ここから!

Help For Japan

18 Mar

11th March 2011 is the day that I realized how much I love my family and my country.
As many of you know, a huge Tsunami and earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean coast of Japan.
I was very nervous on the day until I heard that all of my family were safe, and am still very sad about this sudden tragedy. Being the States and just only hearing what is happening there makes me frustrated. Also it is very touching for me to hear many of heart-warming messages from my friends and people and countries from all over the world.

Many people start doing what they can do for Japan.
Designers are not exception.

Graphic artist Delphine Perrot has designed a logo to encourage people to donate money to help humanitarian relief in Japan.
Click here for more info.

Graphic designer Max Erdenberger of Wieden + Kennedy has designed this screen-printed poster to raise money.
Click here for more info.

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has sent a letter and a video asking for donations to the Red Cross.
Click here for more info.

shigeru ban architects is distributing cardboard partition systems to the gymnasiums
currently functioning throughout tohoku as emergency shelters.
Click here for more info.


グラフィックアーティストの Delphine Perrot は日本への人道的支援を促すためにロゴをデザインしました。

グラフィックデザイナーのMax Erdenberger of Wieden + Kennedyはスクリーンプリントで寄付金のためにポスターをデザインしました。


坂茂建築設計 は段ボール紙でできたパーティションシステムを避難所となっている東北地方の体育館に送っています。

Interior by Tobias Rehberger + Artek

7 Mar

Says Rehberger, “I like the idea of creating a visual art project which is about ‘not seeing something’.”

Per Artek, “Rehberger is interested in the conflict between functionalism and aesthetics, and likes to question and play with the notion of art and its various strategies. Using several media and different approaches, Rehberger’s conceptual work breaks traditional boundaries with exceptional combinations of painting, sculpture, architecture and design.”

The Nothing happens for a reason art installation is at the Logomo Café in Turku, Finland through December 2011.

It looks fun to see 2D graphic  jumping into 3D world! It certainly is BREAKING the boundary between concepts of 2D and 3D world, but for me also looks UNIFYING among graphic, space and our activities.

I always appreciate that the works will be able to complete when human activities are added.



The Nothing happens for a reason art installationはthe Logomo Café in Turku, Finlandにて2011の12月まで開催中です。



to read an article about this, please click here!