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Inexpensive Hight Impact

10 Jun

Because I recently started making recycle paper, I am researching what I can do with the materials that I made.

These are the hit of the searching results. Pretty cute!

The texture of the kraft paper creates hand-made touch which makes you feel it is something special and far away from mass production.

From  Shimtokk

From Lauren Elise Crafted

From All Things Paper


Great ideas for all bike lovers!

30 Apr


This LED magnetic lights can turn on as soon as it attached to the bike frame. It is easy to attach and take out when you need to leave a bike outside, because of the magnet. Designed by Copenhagen Parts

Industrial Felt from Germany

27 Dec

I am currently searching industrial felt for my next design.

Through the internet surfing, I found this German company FilzFelt and loved what they do with their materials.

Only thing that I don’t like about them is that they charge us for the sample swatches…though even the swath book is cute…

The small world of multi-functional furniture

23 Nov

I found this article from Stylepark.

Many of the multi-function on these furniture are not necessary, I think… but add visual impression like “funny” “smart” and “taste of minimalism.”



All Around the World Watch

15 Nov

This is so cute!!

I will cry if I get this as a  Christmas gift this year!

“All around the world is the latest design by British watch brand Mr Jones Watches. Crispin Jones has created a timepiece that tells the time in eight different cities on one watch face.

Each city is represented by an illustration of its most famous architectural landmark: the time in London is marked by Big Ben; in Paris by the Eiffel Tower and so on. To mark the minutes a tiny red pigeon, the universal city dweller, flies over the top of each landmark.

The eight cities and buildings include:
San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge
Utah: Salt Lake Temple
Chicago: Sears Tower
New York: the Statue of Liberty
London: Big Ben
Paris: the Eiffel Tower
Istanbul: Blue Mosque minaret
Moscow: St Basil’s Cathedral

The watches are of a limited edition of 100, with only five available on Dezeen Watch Store. Each comes packed in a Mr Jones Watches box featuring artwork by illustrator Beibei Nie.

PRICE £150.00 (UK and EU) ”

From Dezeen Watch Store

beautilful party items

16 Sep


Recently I had to plan a wedding party and was looking for stylish eco-friendly disposable plates and cups. ( I personally hate the red plastic cups…)


Wasara was found through the research.
It is created by Japanese designers and seems to be distributed to all over the world now.


The products of Wasara was intended to be used for only once as single-used tableware.


“Yet it is designed to minimize the environmental burden. Warasa is made from 100% renewable, tree-free materials, specially, bamboo, reed pulp, and bagasse ( a by-product of the sugur refining process).”

form Wasara’s website

「しかし、環境への負担を最小限にするようデザインされています。Wasaraは100%再生可能な木材伐採からではない素材、特に、竹、葦、バガス (さとうきびの削りかす)から作られています」


Entire collection looks so sleek and elegant.
Their website is also well designed to feel their world.


Folding Techniques For Designers

2 Aug

This is my memo for future reference.

This link will show you various types of folding techniques.