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beautilful party items

16 Sep


Recently I had to plan a wedding party and was looking for stylish eco-friendly disposable plates and cups. ( I personally hate the red plastic cups…)


Wasara was found through the research.
It is created by Japanese designers and seems to be distributed to all over the world now.


The products of Wasara was intended to be used for only once as single-used tableware.


“Yet it is designed to minimize the environmental burden. Warasa is made from 100% renewable, tree-free materials, specially, bamboo, reed pulp, and bagasse ( a by-product of the sugur refining process).”

form Wasara’s website

「しかし、環境への負担を最小限にするようデザインされています。Wasaraは100%再生可能な木材伐採からではない素材、特に、竹、葦、バガス (さとうきびの削りかす)から作られています」


Entire collection looks so sleek and elegant.
Their website is also well designed to feel their world.



An Annual Clandestine Dining Event from Paris to NYC!

22 Jun

Through Coolhunting, I found this event!
This picnic looks fantastic!


Known as Le Dîner en Blanc, the an annual clandestine dining event last some 20 years in Paris.  A crowd of the picnicers dressed up entirely in white browses around the city to discover the secret location. Once the location is revealed by some guests, it is told and spread by people through a word-of-mouth. Over 8000 parisian ate and danced in the music in this year.

Le Dîner en Blancとして知られる、この年に一度の秘密のディナーイベントは20年以上もパリで続いています。全身を白にドレスアップしたピクニッカーたちの群れは町中をブラブラしながらその秘密の場所を探しまわります。ゲストの誰かにその場所が見つかると、それは口コミではなされ広がっていきます。今年は8000人を超えるパリジャンが音楽の中で食べて踊りました。

“After successful picnics in Amsterdam, Berlin, Montreal and elsewhere, this year Le Dîner en Blanc is hitting NYC on 25 August 2011. Seating is limited to 1,000 guests—register for the wait list online and see more info at Le Dîner en Blanc’s New York Facebook page.”


From Cool Hunting

Actually there are more photos of this event on the Facebook page!


You can feel the atmospher through the experience of Coralie Marabelle who studies in Paris. Click here to read her blog. The images of my blog came from her site! Thanks, Coralie!!

どんな感じの雰囲気かは、パリで勉強しているCoralie Marabelleの体験を彼女のブログを通じて感じられます。彼女のブログはココをクリック!このサイトのイメージも彼女のところから頂きました。ありがとう、コラリーさん!

Lancheon on Brooklyn-Bound L Train

16 May

Brooklyn-bound L train of MTA subway in New York City open a pop-up restaurant for a half-hour.


Lured by “the promise of a clandestine dining experience”, the guests who paid $100 for a reservation boarded. Don’t you wanna know what course they had? See the following sentences.
“Cooked up by the crafty chefs behind A Razor, A Shiny Knife, the luncheon included an elegant array of dishes, including foie gras and filet mignon, as well as a pyramid of chocolate panna cotta, dusted with gold leaf. “- from Cool Hunting.

A Razor, A Shiny Knifeの器用な料理人たちに料理され、 フォアグラとフィレミニョンだけでなく、金の葉をちりばめたチョコレートパンナコッタなどをとりいれながら 、昼食会は優美なお皿たちの一列をも取り揃えていました。」—Cool Huntingより

As far as I remember, L train was relatively clean and new when I was living along with L line. But because it was under construction, the schedule often got messed-up and the car shakes a lot between Manhattan and Brooklyn. If it is still the same, I can imagine it was very difficult to make the event successful!


From Cool Hunting, New York Times


10 May

I must say it is the things I care about at most in my life.
Seriously, when the foods don’t give me any satisfaction, uncontrollably I get into very bad mood and feel miserable.



I bike to office everyday. I have a custom that before and after my commute, I eat some kinds of sweet stuff such as a piece of roll cake, doughnut, or Dorayaki ( Japanese black beam pancake)… the most pity moment is when I found the sweet taken out from my backpack a flat and squeezed something which was used to be a pretty food. It totally ruins my morning. So I was thinking to design a traveling doughnut case. But some geniuses had already make one!! It’s called Doughnut-To-Go. Please click here to learn more about this product.

私は毎日自転車で出社するのですが、出かける前と着いた後にチョットした甘いもの、ケーキやドーナッツ、どら焼きの類いのものを食べる習慣があります。一 番悲しい時はバックパックからだしたスイーツが何やらペッタンコで絞られちゃったようなものになっているのを発見した時です。間違いなく私の朝を台無しに してくれます。なので、テイクアウト用のドーナッツケースをデザインすることを考えていました。が、しかしすごい人がいたもんで、もう作られていまし た!!その名もDoughnut-To-Go! この商品に着いてもっと知りたい方はココをクリック

Needless to say, term of “good food” is not only about taste and nutrition, but also the visual presentation. Beautiful well-though foods amuse you as much as the taste dose, of course the taste need to keep the certain degree though…

When I was living in New York, I loved to dine in at a dessert bar, Chikalicious, who serves us desserts as full-course french dinner.

言うまでもないことですが、いい食べ物というのは味や栄養素だけのことではなく、見た目のプレセンテーションも大切なことです。美しく良く考えられた食べ 物は美味しいものを食べた時と同じように私たちを楽しませてくれます。もちろん、味がそこそこのレベルにあってこそのはなしですが。

Here are more designs for food from Mocoloco
Pinch Food Design co-founder TJ Girard has created a series of sculptural serving pieces that feature thoughtful details that regular serving pieces don’t address. Pinch Food Design is a NYC-based food and design company that’s launching this month. Paying equal attention to food and design, the company has re-imagined every aspect of entertaining.”

I love the last phrase “Paying equal attention to food and design, the company has re-imagined every aspect of entertaining”.


Pinch Food Designの共同出資社である TJ Girardは通常の給仕では注目されないようなよく考えられたディテールに特化した彫刻のような給仕シリーズを作りました。 Pinch Food DesignはNYCを拠点とした今月始まったばかりの食べ物とデザインの会社です。デザインと食べ物に同等の注意を払いながら、この会社は『エンターて イニング』における全ての面を再構築しています。」

Pre-hub House + Help for Japan 3

15 Apr

Pre-hub house concept has been around for a while.
I was not a big fun of container house designs but am now very interested in the directions where the next container houses are moving to.

EX-CONTAINER PROJECT leaded by Japanese architect Yasutaka Yoshimura works as shelter and has currently been trying to construct temporary homes for those displaced by earthquake and tunami hit at Japan on the 11th of March. It could help many people to start re-constructing their lives by providing safe and warm home with its low cost and relatively quick construction. What amaze me is that this temporary shelter can convert to permanent use. You can donate to support this project for Japan from here.

The Container Guest House by Poteet Architects emphasis on sustainable environment strategies.
“ First, the recycling of a “one-way” container for a new and permanent use. The planted roof is held off the container top, providing shade and air-flow to reduce heat gain. The interior is insulated with spray foam then lined with bamboo plywood, equally appropriate for the floor as the walls. The grey water from the sink and shower is captured for roof irrigation. The WC is a composting toilet. The rear of the container is screened by wire mesh panels which will eventually be covered in evergreen vines.”
From Archdaily

I don’t know about the compositing toilet, but kinda want to live in this container.
I wonder if they have any other heating/cooling system there.
Maybe this is not for those people who are spoiled by city convenience?


日本人の建築家•吉村靖孝率いるEX-CONTAINER PROJECTはシェルターとして使用でき、そして現在3月11日に日本を襲った地震と津波よって家を失った人たちのために仮設住宅を建設しようとしています。暖かく安全な家を安価で比較的早い建設で提供することによって多くの人の復興再建の手助けをすることができます。何がすごいって思ったかというと、この一時的な仮設住宅は常設的な住宅にも転用可能ということです。どうぞここから募金をしてこのプロジェクトをサポートして下さい。

Poteet Architects
による The Container Guest Houseは継続可能な環境対策を強調しています。「第一に、単一目的使用のコンテナを新しく常設的な使用のためにリサイクルしたこと。熱を逃がすために影と風通しを提供する屋上庭園がコンテナの上に設けられています。室内はスプレーフォームと竹の合板でとで等しく床と壁に断熱加工が施されています。シンクとシャワーからの下水は屋根の灌水のために貯められています。トイレはコムポストトイレ(バイオトイレとも言う。昔ながらのボットン便所?)です。このコンテナの後ろ側はワイヤーネットが張られ、いずれは常緑の蔓植物が生い茂ることになります。」


Installation Art? Restaurant??

7 Apr


“This is furniture design” “This is art”…it is nonsense to define categories in today’s world. And it is one of trends I see in design world too. This trend seems to be standard in the future.

A design firm, Metrics came up a fun idea as demonstrates the trend. The space they designed functions as restaurant as well as gallery. The hocks laid out as grid on the ceiling enables to install works with almost infinite imagination .

I hope this trend goes beyond design in the future. Someday we all have mixed nationalities and don’t care where is the border of America and Mexico. All Olympic athletes are represented by one big nation called an earth. I hope to see a day like this.


デザインオフィス Metricsはこのトレンドを具現化するようなアイデアを思いつきました。彼らのデザインした空間はレストランとしてもギャラリーとしても成り立っています。 グリッド状に天井につけられたホックがほとんど無限と言っていいほどの創造性をもって作品を展示することを可能にしました。


Lighting Powered by Both Wind and Solor Energy

4 Apr

“A finalist in the Philip’s Livable Cities Awards, Andrew Burdick’s “Smart Athletic Grid Light” prototype has enormous potential to prove how urban development and sustainable design can work together.”

From Cool Hunting

His concept was focused on technologies for sustainable design. The power source of this is from both wind and solar power. His design has not only cost effective by nature but also show us the potentials of public spaces in the future of urban and suburban lives.

Philips のLivable Cities賞のファイナリスト、アンドリューバルディックの “Smart Athletic Grid Light”の試作品は、都市発展とサステナブルデザインとの両立を証明できるとても大きな可能性を秘めている。」

Cool Hunting より