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Cute Japanese butique in Chicago

30 Apr

I sometimes think that it is difficult to seek own simple style in Chicago within reasonable budgets. Also I am too scared of the awkward moment that someone wear the same garments next to me. A lot of SPA type of stores in Chicago makes our shopping easier to follow the trends, but also boring and less creative to take adventures in your own style.

Atelier Toi Toi Toi seeks simple but unique garments. And most of their items are one of a kind. It is influenced by Japanese layered style, which will add small but distinct accents to your daily styles. Its simplicity of the products let you play with other items that you are sick of in your closet. They take custom orders.

Website: Atelier Toi Toi Toi


Industrial Felt from Germany

27 Dec

I am currently searching industrial felt for my next design.

Through the internet surfing, I found this German company FilzFelt and loved what they do with their materials.

Only thing that I don’t like about them is that they charge us for the sample swatches…though even the swath book is cute…

Folding Techniques For Designers

2 Aug

This is my memo for future reference.

This link will show you various types of folding techniques.

Fashion by Non-Fashion Designers

27 Jun


Photos by Peter Stigter through Yatzer

Over a few years ago, CLASH PROJECT was born through chatting with four friends over wine at a party. The project was established to give voices to the creators and designers who might not be specialized in a particular form of design.

2、3年以上も前、CLASH PROJECTはあるパーティーのワインの上で繰り広げられた4人の仲間のおしゃべりの中から誕生しました。プロジェクトは一つの特定の形式のデザインに特化していないクリエイターやデザイナーに声を与えるために設立されました。

Though an article of Yatzer, we can feel more about their purpose and motivation for this project.


“The purpose of the project is to create a ‘Clash’  with fashion.   In other terms, through this exhibition, the founders are aiming to encourage young designers, who might not be specialized in fashion,  to create by providing them the platform  to present their work to an international  fashion- related audience. The  ultimate aim of FASHIONCLASH is to present fashion in its broader possible form; this achieved while other design disciplines employed by the non-fashion designers, such as photography, illustration, fine arts, video and textile are all  directly or non,  associated to the exhibited piece.”

「このプロジェクトの目的はファッションとクラッシュすることです。いわば、この展示を通じて、創設者たちは、ファッションに特化していない若いデザイナーたちにその作品を国際的にファッションに関わっている観客に発表するためのプラットホームを与えることでデザイナーたちの作品づくりを励ましています。FASHIONCLASHの究極の目的はもっと広い可能性のある形でファッションを表現するこ;これは写真、イラスト、ファインアート、ビデオ そしてテキスタイルのようなファッションデザイナーではない人々によって従事される他のデザイン分野が全て直接的に、または全く関係なくこの展示作品に関連していることで達成されました。」

From Yatzer

Also the curator and one of the founders ,Matylda Krzykowski explained this idea more at mocoloco.

また、mocolocoのなかでキュレーターであり創設者の一人である Matylda Krzykowskiはこうも説明しています。

“Most of us do not just work in one field, rather in diverse areas. I, for example, graduated in product design, but I work as a journalist, consultant, curator, stylist and (of course) designer. I also like fashion. I like to create concepts and ideas, but I would normally not be given a voice in this area of design, as I am not strictly educated in this discipline. Many creative’s are in a similar position and the ‘Clash project’ exists to give them a voice in a discipline that they would not normally have the opportunity to express themselves.”

「私たちの中の多くは、一つの業界で働くよりも、多様なエリアの中で働いてます。例えば、私はプロダクトデザインを卒業しましたが、ジャーナリストとして、コンサルタントとして、キュレーターとしてスタイリストとして、そして(もちろん)デザイナーとしても働いています。私はまたファッションが好きです。私はコンセプトとアイデアと作るのが好きですが、この分野の中での厳密な教育がないので、このエリアに関しては通常は声をかけられません。多くのクリエイターは同じような境遇にいます。そして『Clash project』は彼らにいつもは表現する機会のない分野で声を与えるために存在しています」

As a designer, I got resonant with this concept, since I often encounter the similar situations they described. The situation is usually happen when I wanted to deepen experimental and new concept and ideas for me. Not all designers can be perfect in all fields. This project encourage young designers, at least me, to express themselves in a different fields, to expand possibilities of design ideas, and to collaborate with others from different disciplines because we all have strengths and weakness.


The first FASHIONCLASH show occurred in the summer of 2009. This year, being the third rendezvous, it took place between the 10th-12th of June 2011


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

3 May


I’ve never worked with mannequins after school and never been a big fun of them. They usually freak me out by the look. It gives me almost the same impression when you see fake plants in the cheap restaurants.

But I must say this is the exception. It is very charming and surely attract many eyes from the streets in front of the window. I also like how the provider is serious abut this “non-model” type of mannequin.

The combination with the latest mode fashion such as Helmut Lang and this Ugly collection will give you very weird yet interesting impression.

It is the greatest love handle.




Ansorg at Euroshop 2011

25 Mar

“At last month’s EuroShop fair in Düsseldorf, German lighting manufacturer Ansorg incorporated real food and fashion displays into their stand, demonstrating the effectiveness of their products in use. “
From Frame Magazine

The trend I see in today’s exhibit design ( around only edgy exhibit firms) is going to and my hope is intergradation.
It is also my dream as a designer to design s store like museum, a museum like boutique, exhibit space like public space etc…someday…

This is it!!
I am happy to see this kind of design and at the same time I am very jealous, because This is the an evidence that they have a really good team.  To make the creative space successful like this , it needs a great balance of content of the exhibit, the architecture and the marketing.
I must say the superstars for this are not only designer, but also a director who took a risk to spend a lot of money on it ( Many of tradeshow related people think “Cheaper is Better…” ), a brand who trust the design team, and engineers who figured out how to build and made it out in the real world! Bravo!

「先月のドイツ•デュッセルドルフでのユーロショップで、照明制作会社の Ansorgは、効果的な彼らの製品の使い方を実演しながら、リアルフードとファッションディスプレイと一緒にコラボさせました。」
Frame Magazineより

私なりに見た近頃の展示デザイン( 最先端のデザイン会社あたりのことだけど)のトレンド、そしてまた、それは私個人の希望でもあるのだけど、それは「ごちゃまぜ」感。

このデザインを知れたことにはとてもうれしいけど、同時にすごくジェラシーが湧くわ。このデザインは 彼らはとっても良いチームに恵まれたという 一つの証拠だから。このようなクリエイティブな空間を成功させるには、展示内容、建築デザイン、それとマーケティングのバランスの良さが必要。


3 Mar

I think textile oriented fashion design such as Marimekko is very difficult to achieve the success.
The cutting pattern needs to be very specific yet simple to let the pattern pop up.
These dresses by stadtkluft are simple and clean yet beautiful forms showing the unique patterns nicely.
I would like to leave a quote ” Fashion is Architecture; it’s matter of proportion” by Coco Chanel
…I wanna buy one.

ここでひとつ引用”” Fashion is Architecture; it’s matter of proportion” ココシャネルより。