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Cute Japanese butique in Chicago

30 Apr

I sometimes think that it is difficult to seek own simple style in Chicago within reasonable budgets. Also I am too scared of the awkward moment that someone wear the same garments next to me. A lot of SPA type of stores in Chicago makes our shopping easier to follow the trends, but also boring and less creative to take adventures in your own style.

Atelier Toi Toi Toi seeks simple but unique garments. And most of their items are one of a kind. It is influenced by Japanese layered style, which will add small but distinct accents to your daily styles. Its simplicity of the products let you play with other items that you are sick of in your closet. They take custom orders.

Website: Atelier Toi Toi Toi


Great ideas for all bike lovers!

30 Apr


This LED magnetic lights can turn on as soon as it attached to the bike frame. It is easy to attach and take out when you need to leave a bike outside, because of the magnet. Designed by Copenhagen Parts