All Around the World Watch

15 Nov

This is so cute!!

I will cry if I get this as a  Christmas gift this year!

“All around the world is the latest design by British watch brand Mr Jones Watches. Crispin Jones has created a timepiece that tells the time in eight different cities on one watch face.

Each city is represented by an illustration of its most famous architectural landmark: the time in London is marked by Big Ben; in Paris by the Eiffel Tower and so on. To mark the minutes a tiny red pigeon, the universal city dweller, flies over the top of each landmark.

The eight cities and buildings include:
San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge
Utah: Salt Lake Temple
Chicago: Sears Tower
New York: the Statue of Liberty
London: Big Ben
Paris: the Eiffel Tower
Istanbul: Blue Mosque minaret
Moscow: St Basil’s Cathedral

The watches are of a limited edition of 100, with only five available on Dezeen Watch Store. Each comes packed in a Mr Jones Watches box featuring artwork by illustrator Beibei Nie.

PRICE £150.00 (UK and EU) ”

From Dezeen Watch Store


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