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wedding invitation

16 Sep

This is a set of wedding party for a Japanese couple.

There is a well-known romantic story  in Japan called the red string of fate.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmates or a twin flame.

The design concept came from the red string story and Mizuhiki which is a traditional Japaneseart form that uses a special cord.

The invitation shows the history of the couple as how they met like a story on the red line.

Also thank you card uses the actual red thread with two rings expressing eternity. In the card, there is a package of basil seeds from the basil that couple planted.

Please contact the designer from this website, if you want to ask her to design invitation package.


beautilful party items

16 Sep


Recently I had to plan a wedding party and was looking for stylish eco-friendly disposable plates and cups. ( I personally hate the red plastic cups…)


Wasara was found through the research.
It is created by Japanese designers and seems to be distributed to all over the world now.


The products of Wasara was intended to be used for only once as single-used tableware.


“Yet it is designed to minimize the environmental burden. Warasa is made from 100% renewable, tree-free materials, specially, bamboo, reed pulp, and bagasse ( a by-product of the sugur refining process).”

form Wasara’s website

「しかし、環境への負担を最小限にするようデザインされています。Wasaraは100%再生可能な木材伐採からではない素材、特に、竹、葦、バガス (さとうきびの削りかす)から作られています」


Entire collection looks so sleek and elegant.
Their website is also well designed to feel their world.


Vertical Landscape by Ryo Yamada

7 Sep

Is is a Work by Ryo Yamada.
He and his team has been working in Sapporo where is a city located on northern part of Japan.
I can feel the quiet and glorious landscape in Hokkaido.

Love the choice of materials.
Sometimes it becomes transparent, and sometimes becomes translucent…with a bit of reflection.



Here is their motto from their website.

“We do not do categorize our field: architecture, art, landscape design as a just Creator.
And also workshop temporary project and collaboration with regional society is considered as a important work for us.


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