W+W by Roca

1 Aug

I found this sleek toilet bowl ( cube?) in the latest Frame Magazine. As soon as I glanced at the picture, I added on my “when I become a rich” list. This product is named W+W and designed by a high-end bathroom company, Roca.

最新号のFrame Magazineでこのお洒落なトイレを見つけました。すぐさま、「お金持ちになったらリスト」に載せました。このプロダクトはW+Wといってロカというハイエンドなバスルームの会社によってデザインされました。

This innovative bathroom firm set their latest theme “ Moving Forward”. Their development process, labelled “2020 Vision” focuses on visualizing, defining and creating ideal bathroom space for the future.


For the W+W, the development team consumed 18 months including mock-up building to factory-built prototype.


“Innovation is strategic; the longer you wait to begin, the worse things get” by design manager, Josep Congost.


“The innovative lab considered many environmental issues rather than focusing only on reducing water consumption. The W+W saves both water and space. It filters waste water from the basin to be reused in the cistern, and its L-shaped design combines two previously separated unit into one”. From Frame Magazine, Issued #81, Page 172

「イノヴェーションラボは水の使用量を下げるためだけではなく、その他たくさんの環境的な問題についても考慮してきました。このW+Wは水と空間の両方を節約してくれます。洗面台からの汚水を水槽の中で再利用できるように濾過し、そのL字型のデザインは前は別々の2つユニットだったものを一つにまとめました。」フレームマガジン 81号 172ページより

I like washing toilet bowl and seeing it is getting to be a shiny white clean object. And I will do for this toilet bowl even though accidentally I become a rich.


I looked up some other online articles about this product, please click here and here.


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