The transfinite

7 Jun

“Using strobe effects, scale, shade, light, shadow, sound and rhythm, the installation pushes the senses to their limits with massive pulses and jitters that flash overwhelmingly.”


From Frame Magazine

This 10-mins abstract film was created by Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda. It is looping, being projected on the massive wall and floor that let visitors can stand, sit and even lie down.


‘To me, beauty is crystal: rationality, precision, simplicity, elegance, delicacy; the sublime is infinity: infinitesimal, immensity, indescribable, ineffable,’ Ikeda commented about The Transfinite, which is a name of this installation.

「私には。美しさはクリスタルです。:合理性、正確さ、単純さ、優美さ、繊細さ:雄大さは永遠で:無限に小さく、無限に大きく、漠然としていて、言葉にできないもの」とイケダさんは The Transfinite、このインスタレーションのタイトルですが、についてコメントしています。

His comment itself is too abstract.
But I think the concept feeling the work not only relying on seeing by eyes seems the most updated art scene and deepen the stream of installation arts a bit more.
The other senses might get sensitive by making visual impression minimal.


This is available to experience until 11 June at the Park AvenueArmory in New York.

ニューヨークの the Park AvenueArmory にて6月11日まで体感することができます。


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