RMIG, a Firm Specialized in Metal Sheet

26 May

Recently, I noticed my approach to designs have been transforming since I graduated from design school. Selecting materials is getting much more important to tell stories and translate the concept than finding forms, which I focused on the most when I was student.

最近、デザインへのアプローチが学生を卒業してから変わってきているなあと思う。 物語を伝えたりコンセプトを具現化したりするのに学生時代は「形」を重要視していたけれど、素材選びの方が最近は重要になってきています。

Perforated metal sheet is one of my favorite materials. I actually introduce some designs used perforated metal. I love the cool industrial feel that matches with high-end architecture and interior. The shadows created by the sheet is nice too!


Then I found an article about a firm, RMIG, who specialized in perforated metal.


“For 150 years now, RMIG has been producing a wide-ranging spectrum of perforated and embossed metal sheets for designers and architects. Perforated sheet are used for both technical and decorative purposes and are manufactured bespoke to customer specifications and expectations – with an inconceivable number of possible additional processing stages possible. The sheets can be edged, embossed, be furnished with fastening eyelets or boast lasered contours, too. The corporation also upgrades the surfaces of sheet stainless steel or aluminum as required, for example with powder-coated finishes for indoor or outdoor use, retroactive galvanizing of sheet steel or eloxy-coating for aluminum.”


From Stylepark

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