25 May

Reflective effect like mirror is hot as recent trend for design?
I don’t know if this is just for me, but my eyes keep catching designs with high reflective effects.
It creates an effect to make the space look bigger, giving us a mysterious feel.
As exterior, it hides itself in nature reflecting the surroundings, while used for interior it gives us unexpected impression through the space.


….but I may be uncomfortable to see myself all the time from any directions…Obviously it needs to be consider that where would be the best spots to use this effect.


Here are some example of designs with mirror effect.

“ This garden, filled with a maze of grey brick arches interspersed with willow trees, has been completed by Martha Schwartz Partners as part of the 2011 Xi’an International Horticultural Expo currently taking place in China….The impression of endless pathways and arches is created by mirrors fixed to the brick walls, which on finding the dark exit corridor are revealed to be one-way glass, allowing a view back to those still lost in the maze.”

「柳の木と共に散在した灰色のレンガのアーチの迷路を詰め込んだこの庭、は現在中国で行われている the 2011 Xi’an International Horticultural Expoの一環として Martha Schwartz Partnersによって完成しました。…

From Dezeen

This camouflaged hotel on a tree was designed by Swedish architects Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter:
この木の上のカモフラージュホテルはスウェーデンの建築家 Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekterによってデザインされました。

The concept is to create a shelter up in the tree. boxes clad in mirrored glass, 4x4x4 meters is hold with a lightweight aluminum structure hung around a tree trunk,glass. “ The exterior reflects the surroundings and the sky, creating a camouflaged refuge. ”

コンセプトは木の上に避難場所を作ることです。 4x4x4メートルのミラーガラスでおおわれた箱は幹の周囲に掛けられた軽量のアルミニウム構造に支えられています。 「外壁がカモフラージュ避難を作り出しながら、周環境と空を映し出しています。」

From Archidaily

This hair salon located in central Osaka, Japan, is designed by Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara, featuring free-standing mirrored boxes.


From Dezeen

“A slide is hidden behind the mirrored wall in this Tokyo office by Japanese studio Schemata Architecture Office.”

「日本のスタジオ Schemata Architecture Officeによるこの東京オフィスの鏡ばりの壁の中に滑り台が隠されています。」

From Dezeen

“The program asked for large, open office spaces, prototype rooms, project rooms and a striking customer area.” In order to achieve such compartmentalization, the architect used an old trick to divide. It is a reflective aluminum wall that makes the space seem bigger. “ This division not only makes the space feel bigger but also allows the exterior light to bounce off the interior, washing the entire office with natural light.”
This is designed by Swedish duo Elding Oscarson.

これはスウェーデン人ドゥオのElding Oscarsonにデザインされました。

From Yatzer


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