Magma Fondue

20 May

“ The exhibition, Dip in Space, offers a new approach to the creation of a space. We usually see products and objects that are defined by its function roaming the entire city of Milan. Dip in Space breaks that mold and fully immerses its viewers into a multi-sensorial experience in the design process.”

「エキシビジョン、 Dip in Spaceは、空間創造への新しいアプローチを提供しました。ミラノ市内をブラブラ歩きながら、私たちは常々機能性によって定義づけされたプロダクトや物体を見ています。 Dip in Spaceはその型を壊し、完全に見る者をデザインプロセスの中の多感覚な体験へと沈めてしまいます。」

The exhibit space consist of two world; first , the glowing red wax magma exists as a metaphor of the mind of the designer at its peak in the creative process, while the second invites visitors to experiment with the magma to create their own inventions. The visitors create unique and unexpectedly shaped objects create by dipping supports into wax-filled containers.


“The exhibition acts as a sensorial oasis where inventiveness, collaboration and individuality is celebrated.”


From yatzer


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