3D Hangings with Office Stationaries by Totems

19 May

This type of design is very close to what I design everyday at work. The fact makes this design more amazing for me and make me jealous of the designer’s creative mind.


This huge 3D messaging installation created with thousands of pens, post-it notes, binders and ribbons for trade fair for offices and facilities.


The designer of Totems Peter Van Lier says …

‘We thought there could be a strong sculpture instead – to write in the air a thought or motto,’

‘The large dimensions and limited budget pointed us towards using “found” or sponsored materials.’

‘We had the ambition to inspire visitors and create an unforgettable front page for the exhibition,’
Totemsのデザイナーの Peter Van Lierは

He also explained about his challenge to bring the concept designed with computer assist design tool to the real world. Design software “doesn’t take gravity and construction into consideration,’ ‘For months, numerous tests were made on how to best translate the 3D rendering into reality.’


From Frame Magazine


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