Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore

17 May

“Singapore’s 9-month old, 29-room Wanderlust Hotel puts travelers in the mood for discovery from the get-go. Their clever attention to detail, carried throughout the hotel, make the boutique establishment a destination in itself.” The details work as strong story telling fragments, functioning as it is.


The booklet was designed by Foreign Policy Design Group. It created in the form of a boarding pass and accompanying folder that full of useful information not only for introduction the hotel from its history to facilities in the rooms, but also as Singapore city guide.

ブックレットは Foreign Policy Design Groupによってデザインされました。ホテルの歴史やら部屋の設備の紹介だけでなく、シンガポールのガイドブックとしての使えるたくさんの情報はボーディングパスとそのフォルダーの形式で作られています。

“The boarding pass is actually a multi-page catalog about the hotel, describing the differently themed rooms and floors designed by Singaporean design agencies Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFurious” For me, the interior design seems a bit cheesy… but I really like the graphic design for the print materials and want to have them!

「ボーディングパスは実は多ページにわたるホテルに関するカタログで、シンガポールのデザイン代理店 Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFuriousがデザインした違ったデーマの部屋やフロアを紹介しています」私には少しインテリアデザインはくどいかなと思うけど、プリント物のグラフィックがとても好きですし、手に入れたい!

Rooms range from $300 to $650 Singaporean dollars.
They have amenities from Kiehl’s (Yay!) and iPod docks.


From Cool Hunting


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