Lancheon on Brooklyn-Bound L Train

16 May

Brooklyn-bound L train of MTA subway in New York City open a pop-up restaurant for a half-hour.


Lured by “the promise of a clandestine dining experience”, the guests who paid $100 for a reservation boarded. Don’t you wanna know what course they had? See the following sentences.
“Cooked up by the crafty chefs behind A Razor, A Shiny Knife, the luncheon included an elegant array of dishes, including foie gras and filet mignon, as well as a pyramid of chocolate panna cotta, dusted with gold leaf. “- from Cool Hunting.

A Razor, A Shiny Knifeの器用な料理人たちに料理され、 フォアグラとフィレミニョンだけでなく、金の葉をちりばめたチョコレートパンナコッタなどをとりいれながら 、昼食会は優美なお皿たちの一列をも取り揃えていました。」—Cool Huntingより

As far as I remember, L train was relatively clean and new when I was living along with L line. But because it was under construction, the schedule often got messed-up and the car shakes a lot between Manhattan and Brooklyn. If it is still the same, I can imagine it was very difficult to make the event successful!


From Cool Hunting, New York Times


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