Merging Architecture into the Landscape

11 May

Wallpaper started the article by saying “ Contemporary architecture in the Middle East has had its ups and downs. Most of the signature works by familiar names have tended to be situated in the region’s exploding conurbations, in the form of big towers, multi-starred hotels and exotic resorts, set down as markers for cultural and economic success. But outside the big cities it is a very different story.”


Miami-Base architecture office, Oppenheim Architecture + Design gained the chance through competition to create this a new desert Lodge scheme.  His challenge is to blends up-scale and high-end canvas with minimalism, drama and perhaps most importantly, sustainability.”
The location is called Wadi Run and also called the Valley of the Moon, and famous for the beautiful landscape.

マイアミを拠点とする建築設計事務所、Oppenheim Architecture + Designはコンペを通じて新しい砂漠ロッジのスキームに取り組むチャンスをものにしました。場所は彼の挑戦はミニマリズムとドラマと、おそらく何より重要である、再生可能性とハイエンドでスケールの大きいキャンバスとを混ぜ合わせることです。
場所はヨルダンの月の渓谷とも呼ばれるWadi Rumという場所で、その美しいランドスケープによって有名な場所です。

I usually dislike designs and architecture for the development for resort facilities which seems for me destroying nature and the local culture,  and don’t get excited by renderings for architecture. But this project has been attracted me by the idea to merge architecture in the magical landscape.


In the article in Arch Daily, Oppenheim says about his creative process for the project “We have trained and heightened our senses to see, smell, taste, hear, and touch the mystical beauty of Wadi Rum. We tapped the inherent power of the desert through primal and instinctual design moves, informed by the forces, rhythms and patterns of nature— past, present, and future…”

Arch Dailyの記事の中で、 Oppenheimはこのプロジェクトのクリエイティブプロセスについてこうも言及しています。「私たちこのWadi Rumの神秘的な美しさを見る、嗅ぐ、味わう、聞く、そして触るという感覚を訓練し研ぎすましました。 過去、現在、そして未来の自然の力、リズム、そしてパターンに教えてもらいながら 私たちは砂漠の秘めた力を原始的で本能的なデザイン行動を通じて引き出しました。

This project has been planed to be completed by 2014.



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