Rommen School and Cultural Center

4 May

From Arch Daily

What a fun school!
Since the former building of this school was too small, Østengen & Bergo AS designed a new playful and multi-cultured school building. The new school facility has a large multipurpose sport hall, its own performance hall and an open library. Offices for the community culture school and part of the local council are also located in the site. Therefore, children can naturally get opportunities to touch and feel many different cultures while they are studying and playing.

前の校舎が手狭になってしまったので、 Østengen & Bergo ASが新しい遊べて多文化な校舎を造りました。新しい学校設備は大きな多目的ホール、演劇場、そして開かれた図書館があります。地域のカルチャースクールのオフィスもまた同じ敷地にあるので、子供たちは学校に通ったり遊んだりしている中で自然に様々な違った文化に触れる機会を作って行けます。


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