Where people gather

23 Apr

“Raum der Stille” which is the name of this space, was designed for use by guests and employees of campus by the Cologne studio JSWD Architekten.
Creating an homogeneous impression, the entire space is made of the sole material, namely a smooth plaster in a white hue, which produces a slight marble effect. A cube havering in the middle of the space become a focal point and provide a contrast by its interior wall in the space. You can see the surface of the interior which is a shimmering finish comprising thin sliced titanium, only when you step beneath the cube. In addition, the titaniums on the surface are highlighted by LED lighting.

The article says “The religious atmosphere alone encourages a calm, quiet demeanor. The room is nonetheless intended to be a place where people congregate and promote dialog between each other.”

From Stylepark

“Raum der Stille”と名付けられたこの空間は、キャンパス内にいるゲストと従業員のためにケルンにあるスタジオ JSWD Architektenによってデザインされました。





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