Leading Innovations! by Toshiba

21 Apr

The original article and pictures are here!

Toshiba explores the theme of ‘Luce Tempo Luogo’ in a lighting installation at the Cortile di Via Savona at Zona Tortona.

Cortile di Via Savona, which is a venue for this installation was built over a century ago. This historical building was researched carefully and divided into three areas for this exhibition; a entrance, a courtyard and a main interior space.

Let’s begin with the entrance.  A pure white tunnel create a contrast against the structural ruins of this unique historic building. It is the ‘access’ to the installation. A single stripe light running along the ceiling is reflected onto the stream of water on the floor yet to become another line of light.
Continuing our journey to second space, the courtyard, where constant ripples created on the water’s surface are illuminated by the sun during the day and by LED’s at night. These ripples are then reflected on a single wall that survived over the century that passed.

Finally we reached to  the main interior space. Innumerable pulses of LED lights gives us magnificent and imposing feelings in the dark space.  The multiple layers of water curtains are constantly transformed as the result of the effect of countless LED bulbs.

I like a sentence in the article. It says “The installation explores the possibilities of LED in conveying emotional resonance.”


東芝は ‘Luce Tempo Luogo’というテーマで照明のインスタレーションを Zona Tortonaの Cortile di Via Savonaで行いました。
このインスタレーションの建物であるCortile di Via Savona は 一世紀以上前に建てられたものです。この歴史的な建物はきちんと研究され、展示のために3つのエリアに分けられました;入り口部分、中庭、そしてメインのインテリア空間です。






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