Custom Perforated Metal for Facade and Sun-protection

12 Apr

This residential building, called The “Marthashof” residential estate is located in Berlin’s Mitte district. The U-shaped buildings are arranged around a public park. What is striking is the custom designed perforated metal sheet used for the facade and sun-protection. This was designed by Berlin-based architects Grüntuch Ernst for this project and manufactured by RMIG on behalf of Colt, which supplied the horizontal folding blinds. “The combination of perforation and folding blinds enables residents to respond flexibly to changes in the weather, be it day by day or by season, and enjoy a pleasant room climate with minimal energy inputs.”

From Stylepark

I brought up an article about custom perforated metal before this article. It always amuse my eyes by the mixed feel with high-end design and industrial look.

The “Marthashof” residential estate とよばれる住宅用のビルはベルリンの Mitte districtにあります。そのU型の建物は公園の周りに配置されています。何がすごいって、ファサードと日よけに使われているカスタムデザインされた穴空きメタルシートです。これは水平折りたたみ式のブラインドを作っているColtいう会社のためにベルリンを拠点とする建築家 Grüntuch Ernstによってデザインされ、 RMIGによって製造されました。




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