Installation Art? Restaurant??

7 Apr


“This is furniture design” “This is art”…it is nonsense to define categories in today’s world. And it is one of trends I see in design world too. This trend seems to be standard in the future.

A design firm, Metrics came up a fun idea as demonstrates the trend. The space they designed functions as restaurant as well as gallery. The hocks laid out as grid on the ceiling enables to install works with almost infinite imagination .

I hope this trend goes beyond design in the future. Someday we all have mixed nationalities and don’t care where is the border of America and Mexico. All Olympic athletes are represented by one big nation called an earth. I hope to see a day like this.


デザインオフィス Metricsはこのトレンドを具現化するようなアイデアを思いつきました。彼らのデザインした空間はレストランとしてもギャラリーとしても成り立っています。 グリッド状に天井につけられたホックがほとんど無限と言っていいほどの創造性をもって作品を展示することを可能にしました。



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