OMS Stage / 5468796 Architecture

1 Apr


5468796 Architecture
completed a multi-functional performance stage at winnipeg, Canada. The sparkling curtain is consist with diamond shaped extrusions from welded flat aluminum. The architects developed it working with the local manufactures.

“The Cube” is an open-air performance venue set against the backdrop of historic warehouses in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. The design commission gained through an invited competition, recognizes that the stage typically functions as such during a very limited time season, and questioned what opportunities the venue could provide during the rest of the year. In its final rendition the stage is articulated as a multi-functional environment that shifts from a vibrant performance space to an ephemeral, glowing,interactive pavilion and focal point.”

From Arch Daily

5468796 Architectureが多機能パフォーマンスステージをカナダのウィンペッグに完成させました。キラキラしてるカーテンはダイヤモンドのような形をした溶接した平らなアルミニウムから作られた型で作られています。建築家たちはこの型を地元の製造者たちと一緒に開発しました。


Arch Dailyより


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