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You’ll be a hamster!

26 Apr

From Dornob

Isn’t this fun?
Even though this is not practical and safe…



Where people gather

23 Apr

“Raum der Stille” which is the name of this space, was designed for use by guests and employees of campus by the Cologne studio JSWD Architekten.
Creating an homogeneous impression, the entire space is made of the sole material, namely a smooth plaster in a white hue, which produces a slight marble effect. A cube havering in the middle of the space become a focal point and provide a contrast by its interior wall in the space. You can see the surface of the interior which is a shimmering finish comprising thin sliced titanium, only when you step beneath the cube. In addition, the titaniums on the surface are highlighted by LED lighting.

The article says “The religious atmosphere alone encourages a calm, quiet demeanor. The room is nonetheless intended to be a place where people congregate and promote dialog between each other.”

From Stylepark

“Raum der Stille”と名付けられたこの空間は、キャンパス内にいるゲストと従業員のためにケルンにあるスタジオ JSWD Architektenによってデザインされました。




Leading Innovations! by Toshiba

21 Apr

The original article and pictures are here!

Toshiba explores the theme of ‘Luce Tempo Luogo’ in a lighting installation at the Cortile di Via Savona at Zona Tortona.

Cortile di Via Savona, which is a venue for this installation was built over a century ago. This historical building was researched carefully and divided into three areas for this exhibition; a entrance, a courtyard and a main interior space.

Let’s begin with the entrance.  A pure white tunnel create a contrast against the structural ruins of this unique historic building. It is the ‘access’ to the installation. A single stripe light running along the ceiling is reflected onto the stream of water on the floor yet to become another line of light.
Continuing our journey to second space, the courtyard, where constant ripples created on the water’s surface are illuminated by the sun during the day and by LED’s at night. These ripples are then reflected on a single wall that survived over the century that passed.

Finally we reached to  the main interior space. Innumerable pulses of LED lights gives us magnificent and imposing feelings in the dark space.  The multiple layers of water curtains are constantly transformed as the result of the effect of countless LED bulbs.

I like a sentence in the article. It says “The installation explores the possibilities of LED in conveying emotional resonance.”


東芝は ‘Luce Tempo Luogo’というテーマで照明のインスタレーションを Zona Tortonaの Cortile di Via Savonaで行いました。
このインスタレーションの建物であるCortile di Via Savona は 一世紀以上前に建てられたものです。この歴史的な建物はきちんと研究され、展示のために3つのエリアに分けられました;入り口部分、中庭、そしてメインのインテリア空間です。





A Surface Transforming to Chair

18 Apr

I would like to introduce two chairs that amaze our eyes by the process of the construction/set-up.

These chairs started the process form a flat panel.

The chair in the picture below is called Rising Chair designed by Robert van Embricqs.

Other one is called Flax chair.
This very lightweight chair (only 10 pounds and less than a inch thick) is made of plastic composites and very easy to carry around both for interior and exterior use. It still look handsome in living spaces and/or conference room.
Each piece costs $200…mmm….how do you think?
Cushion is an option.
This article is from Dornob

Pre-hub House + Help for Japan 3

15 Apr

Pre-hub house concept has been around for a while.
I was not a big fun of container house designs but am now very interested in the directions where the next container houses are moving to.

EX-CONTAINER PROJECT leaded by Japanese architect Yasutaka Yoshimura works as shelter and has currently been trying to construct temporary homes for those displaced by earthquake and tunami hit at Japan on the 11th of March. It could help many people to start re-constructing their lives by providing safe and warm home with its low cost and relatively quick construction. What amaze me is that this temporary shelter can convert to permanent use. You can donate to support this project for Japan from here.

The Container Guest House by Poteet Architects emphasis on sustainable environment strategies.
“ First, the recycling of a “one-way” container for a new and permanent use. The planted roof is held off the container top, providing shade and air-flow to reduce heat gain. The interior is insulated with spray foam then lined with bamboo plywood, equally appropriate for the floor as the walls. The grey water from the sink and shower is captured for roof irrigation. The WC is a composting toilet. The rear of the container is screened by wire mesh panels which will eventually be covered in evergreen vines.”
From Archdaily

I don’t know about the compositing toilet, but kinda want to live in this container.
I wonder if they have any other heating/cooling system there.
Maybe this is not for those people who are spoiled by city convenience?


日本人の建築家•吉村靖孝率いるEX-CONTAINER PROJECTはシェルターとして使用でき、そして現在3月11日に日本を襲った地震と津波よって家を失った人たちのために仮設住宅を建設しようとしています。暖かく安全な家を安価で比較的早い建設で提供することによって多くの人の復興再建の手助けをすることができます。何がすごいって思ったかというと、この一時的な仮設住宅は常設的な住宅にも転用可能ということです。どうぞここから募金をしてこのプロジェクトをサポートして下さい。

Poteet Architects
による The Container Guest Houseは継続可能な環境対策を強調しています。「第一に、単一目的使用のコンテナを新しく常設的な使用のためにリサイクルしたこと。熱を逃がすために影と風通しを提供する屋上庭園がコンテナの上に設けられています。室内はスプレーフォームと竹の合板でとで等しく床と壁に断熱加工が施されています。シンクとシャワーからの下水は屋根の灌水のために貯められています。トイレはコムポストトイレ(バイオトイレとも言う。昔ながらのボットン便所?)です。このコンテナの後ろ側はワイヤーネットが張られ、いずれは常緑の蔓植物が生い茂ることになります。」


Breaking Boundaries Between Classic Bulb and Lamp

14 Apr

Innovative and fun line of lightings were revealed at the opening of new Allessi’s store in Milan. This project was produced by Foreverlamp and designed by a team of three young designers, Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Gabriele Chiave and Frederic Gooris.

“The AlessiLux project breaks the boundaries between classic bulb and lamp, creating real enlightened and colorful objects.”
From Cool Hunting

革新的且つ楽しい照明コレクションがAlessiのミラノ店でのオープニングで発表されました。このプロジェクトは Foreverlampによって製造され、3人の若いデザイナー Giovanni Alessi AnghiniGabriele ChiaveFrederic Goorisからなるチームによってデザインされました。

「AllessiLux Project は実際の斬新でカラフルな製品たちを作ることによって、クラシックな電球とランプの間にある境を壊してくれました。」

Cool Hunting

Custom Perforated Metal for Facade and Sun-protection

12 Apr

This residential building, called The “Marthashof” residential estate is located in Berlin’s Mitte district. The U-shaped buildings are arranged around a public park. What is striking is the custom designed perforated metal sheet used for the facade and sun-protection. This was designed by Berlin-based architects Grüntuch Ernst for this project and manufactured by RMIG on behalf of Colt, which supplied the horizontal folding blinds. “The combination of perforation and folding blinds enables residents to respond flexibly to changes in the weather, be it day by day or by season, and enjoy a pleasant room climate with minimal energy inputs.”

From Stylepark

I brought up an article about custom perforated metal before this article. It always amuse my eyes by the mixed feel with high-end design and industrial look.

The “Marthashof” residential estate とよばれる住宅用のビルはベルリンの Mitte districtにあります。そのU型の建物は公園の周りに配置されています。何がすごいって、ファサードと日よけに使われているカスタムデザインされた穴空きメタルシートです。これは水平折りたたみ式のブラインドを作っているColtいう会社のためにベルリンを拠点とする建築家 Grüntuch Ernstによってデザインされ、 RMIGによって製造されました。