The Luxury Playhouse

31 Mar

This luxury playhouses are inspired by modern archiecture. Kyoto is miniature version of MIKIMONO designed by Toyo Ito. Illinois is featured by Mies’s Farnsworth House.

Are they for kids?? No way! I wanna play around in them!
I am sure that the parents are architecture geeks!!

“The SmartPlayhouse children`s houses are authentic pieces of design work inspired by contemporary architecture. A modern and comfortable space that provides the children with their own private and safe place to play, developing their creativity and ability to share.”

An article about this is here.

Please click here to learn more about this product.

このラグジュアリーなプレイハウスは現代建築からインスピレーションを得て作られました。KYOTOは伊東豊雄の設計によるMIKIMOTOビルのミニチュアバージョン。ILLINOISはミースのファーンズワース ハウスからの特色を活かしデザインされています。


「 The SmartPlayhouse children`s houses は近代建築に触発された本物志向のデザイン作品です。現代的で快適な空間は創造性と分かち合う能力を育てながら子供たちにプライベートかつ安全な遊び場を提供します。」



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