Free Poster by Japanese Graphic Designers

30 Mar

I believe  the power of creativity!

The posters were designed to encourage people to save energy.

You can download the posters you like.

It is free of charge!!

The following is the statement by the site owner.

” Heart-warming copied for energy saving have been being created at Twitter#setsudencopy . I am touched by feelings of someone who cares about others. It is MOTTAINAI that it just stays in Twitter!

SO! I am gathering posters design with copy for energy saving. Please print out and post them all around your cities. ( Of course, you need permission if it is needed)

Hey, You saying ” I don’t have a printer”. Surprisingly,you can print is out at Seven Eleven in Japan. All you have to do is to type the number of “Net Print” below each poster in the copy machine.

If you designed new posters and wanted to publish, please click a button of [節電ポスターを投稿する].

Please email me if you have experience no more than a year!”


To visit the site, please click here!







「俺もポスターつくった!」って人は、下の [節電ポスターを投稿する] ボタンをクリック!インターネット歴1年未満の子は、メールで送ってね!」

サイトは ここから!


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