Ansorg at Euroshop 2011

25 Mar

“At last month’s EuroShop fair in Düsseldorf, German lighting manufacturer Ansorg incorporated real food and fashion displays into their stand, demonstrating the effectiveness of their products in use. “
From Frame Magazine

The trend I see in today’s exhibit design ( around only edgy exhibit firms) is going to and my hope is intergradation.
It is also my dream as a designer to design s store like museum, a museum like boutique, exhibit space like public space etc…someday…

This is it!!
I am happy to see this kind of design and at the same time I am very jealous, because This is the an evidence that they have a really good team.  To make the creative space successful like this , it needs a great balance of content of the exhibit, the architecture and the marketing.
I must say the superstars for this are not only designer, but also a director who took a risk to spend a lot of money on it ( Many of tradeshow related people think “Cheaper is Better…” ), a brand who trust the design team, and engineers who figured out how to build and made it out in the real world! Bravo!

「先月のドイツ•デュッセルドルフでのユーロショップで、照明制作会社の Ansorgは、効果的な彼らの製品の使い方を実演しながら、リアルフードとファッションディスプレイと一緒にコラボさせました。」
Frame Magazineより

私なりに見た近頃の展示デザイン( 最先端のデザイン会社あたりのことだけど)のトレンド、そしてまた、それは私個人の希望でもあるのだけど、それは「ごちゃまぜ」感。

このデザインを知れたことにはとてもうれしいけど、同時にすごくジェラシーが湧くわ。このデザインは 彼らはとっても良いチームに恵まれたという 一つの証拠だから。このようなクリエイティブな空間を成功させるには、展示内容、建築デザイン、それとマーケティングのバランスの良さが必要。


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