Unexpected Material

24 Mar

The design Office, Moxie designed an office in Taiwan
Design with unexpected material selection always makes me excited! And this is not an exception.
They used fence net which is usually used in construction site or greenhouse for the facade. This heavy duty yet soft material function against various types of weather conditions such as wind, rain and sunshine.  (see the second picture)

“The base is an old four-story apartment in the city center (next to the Huashan 1914 Creative Park), which is facing the fate of being torn down and rebuilt. Amidst the anticipation of city renewal, the façade of a series of adjoining “shop houses” conveys the desolation of fading glory. A group of designers pursuing innovation, created a fantastic view, filled with a sharp contrast. ”
From Archi Daily

デザインオフィス、 Moxieがオフィスを台湾にデザインしました。

「基礎は 解体と再開発という危機にある街の真ん中の古い4階建ての建物です。(The Huashan 1914 Creative Park近く)街の再開発予定の中で、連立したお店兼住居列ファサードは色あせ行く栄光のわびしさを物語っています。革新的な解決策を求める一つのデザイングループが魅力的な景観を作り、シャープなコントラストで満たしました。」
Archi Daily より


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