The Brookly Museum + Situ Studio

23 Mar

One of the things in New York that I am missing very much is museums. The Brooklyn Museum is still one of my favorite museum. As an exhibit designer, I hope there will be more museums like the Brooklyn Museum. Their approaches are not focusing on only historical objects either art pieces, and also having a great passion to connect to the community. The balance of contents are very unique and seems to fit to the today’s trend “intergradation”. They have great eyes not only for the selection of contents also the visual communications including interior design and graphic design.

It is no wonder the museum picked the design office Situ Studio and have them designed  an installation called “reOrder” in the museum hall. Situ studio was founded in 2005 by five Cooper-Union graduates. They have intergrade skills with design and fabrication.

Here is a part of statement in T-magazine.
“The installation, “reOrder: An Architectural Environment by Situ Studio,” opens to the public on Saturday and is part enchanted forest and part architectural debutantes’ ball, in which the structural elements appear to start dancing through the otherwise static space. (The designers also credit the museum’s 19th-century costume collection as inspiration for their crinoline-like structures.)”


今回なぜこの美術館がSitu Studioを選び、”reOrder”というインスタレーションを作らせたかも用意に想像できます。Situ Studioは2005年に設立され、5人のクーパーユニオンの卒業生から構成されています。彼らはデザイン力とファブリケーションの技術の融合させてもの作りをしています。

「このインスタレーション”reOrder: Situ Studioによる建築空間”は土曜日に公式オープンしました。それは不思議な森のようでいて、建築物のデビュー会のようでもあります。構造物は格段変わらない静かな空間でダンスをしているようです。(デザイナー達は、また、インスピレーションとして貯蔵された19世紀の衣装コレクションに敬意を表してクリノリンスタイルのストラクチャーをデザインしました。)」


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