Help For Japan

18 Mar

11th March 2011 is the day that I realized how much I love my family and my country.
As many of you know, a huge Tsunami and earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean coast of Japan.
I was very nervous on the day until I heard that all of my family were safe, and am still very sad about this sudden tragedy. Being the States and just only hearing what is happening there makes me frustrated. Also it is very touching for me to hear many of heart-warming messages from my friends and people and countries from all over the world.

Many people start doing what they can do for Japan.
Designers are not exception.

Graphic artist Delphine Perrot has designed a logo to encourage people to donate money to help humanitarian relief in Japan.
Click here for more info.

Graphic designer Max Erdenberger of Wieden + Kennedy has designed this screen-printed poster to raise money.
Click here for more info.

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has sent a letter and a video asking for donations to the Red Cross.
Click here for more info.

shigeru ban architects is distributing cardboard partition systems to the gymnasiums
currently functioning throughout tohoku as emergency shelters.
Click here for more info.


グラフィックアーティストの Delphine Perrot は日本への人道的支援を促すためにロゴをデザインしました。

グラフィックデザイナーのMax Erdenberger of Wieden + Kennedyはスクリーンプリントで寄付金のためにポスターをデザインしました。


坂茂建築設計 は段ボール紙でできたパーティションシステムを避難所となっている東北地方の体育館に送っています。


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