Inspired by Rippling Lighting Reflection

17 Mar

Department of Architecture  in Bangkok designed  the ceiling hanging installation of rippling fabric fins for Hilton Pattaya Hotel lobby in Thailand.
Their approach to this design, which inspired by the view of the nature and  their thoughtful ideas of  designing with air movement are very inspirational to my designer mind.

Here is their statement about the concept.

“The design of this space is centered on a fabric installation inspired by rippling lighting reflection on ocean surface looking from divers’ eyes. Guests stepping out from the elevators will be allured by wavy movement above and will drift forward toward sea view. Layers of fabric sway with air-con supplies giving an illusion of breeze appearing as a familiar outdoor feel to be out of an unfamiliar indoor context.”

Diver’s eyes…
This is a why spaces should be designed by local designers. They know what fits there and the stories that only the local see.

バンコクのDepartment of Architecture がタイのヒルトン•パタヤ•ホテルのロビーのためにさざ波のような布地の天井インスタレーションをデザインしました。




To learn more about this design, please click here!


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