The porosity

15 Mar

“When designing an office space for an advertising agency, creativity was paramount – and interior architect Mathieu Lehanneur’s resulting design shows no restrains in bringing imaginative ideas to life.”
In the article, he says “My main goal was to optimize the capabilities of the employees, to give the best in terms of creativity,’ and ‘I deleted all visible signs of hierarchy and mixed work areas and brainstorming space with entertainment devices like a plant juke box.”
He came up with a concept’Porosity’ between work, play and relaxation. The porosity is also applied between the building and nature, by using plants in the design. It will be funny look when their employees are working along the path like a family of ducks.
One thing that always makes me scared when it comes to advertising agency is I have never seen someone uses the recreation/relaxation area…

「広告代理店オフィスをデザインするにあたってクリエイティビティは再重要項目です。— そしてインテリアアーキテクト、マチュー・ルアヌール(Mathieu Lehanneur)のデザインは想像力のあるアイディアを実現するための規制のなさを見せた。」
記事の中で、彼は「僕の目指した主要なゴールは従業員の能力を効率化させること、一番いい形で創造性という用語を表現すること。」そして、「僕は目に見える全ての階級制に関わるサインをなくし、ワークとブレインストーミングの空間を a plant juke box のようなお楽しみグッズと混ぜ合わせて見ました。」と言っています。


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