Laptop Bag by Côte et Ciel

8 Mar

“With its alien-like profile, Côte et Ciel’s new Laptop Rucksack looks like the latest fashion-forward futurist accessory. Its thoughtful and practical design, on the other hand, both works for laptop-toters and, thanks to the large expandable exterior pocket, transitions easily to a weekend duffel with enough room for all your travel essentials.”

From Cool Hunter

I just got this bag! It makes feel me really good not only because of the cool design but also the kindness to the environments. It is made with recycled PET bottle fabric, durable cotton canvas and premium microfiber. It seems for me to have a great balance among design, green materials and comfortability. I saw the messenger bag version at a store, and though looked pretty cool too.

「エイリアンみたいな形のCôte et Ciel’sによる新しいリュックサックはファッションにおいては未来志向な人たちの最先端のアクセサリーだろう。その一方で、考え抜かれた実用的なデザインはラップトップが手放せない人にとって使えるだけでなく、(外側の拡張型ポケットがありがたい!)旅行の際には必要なものを入れる充分なスペースのある週末用身の回り品として簡単に移し替えることができる。」

Cool Hunter より



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