Interior by Tobias Rehberger + Artek

7 Mar

Says Rehberger, “I like the idea of creating a visual art project which is about ‘not seeing something’.”

Per Artek, “Rehberger is interested in the conflict between functionalism and aesthetics, and likes to question and play with the notion of art and its various strategies. Using several media and different approaches, Rehberger’s conceptual work breaks traditional boundaries with exceptional combinations of painting, sculpture, architecture and design.”

The Nothing happens for a reason art installation is at the Logomo Café in Turku, Finland through December 2011.

It looks fun to see 2D graphic  jumping into 3D world! It certainly is BREAKING the boundary between concepts of 2D and 3D world, but for me also looks UNIFYING among graphic, space and our activities.

I always appreciate that the works will be able to complete when human activities are added.



The Nothing happens for a reason art installationはthe Logomo Café in Turku, Finlandにて2011の12月まで開催中です。



to read an article about this, please click here!


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