Inexpensive Hight Impact

10 Jun

Because I recently started making recycle paper, I am researching what I can do with the materials that I made.

These are the hit of the searching results. Pretty cute!

The texture of the kraft paper creates hand-made touch which makes you feel it is something special and far away from mass production.

From  Shimtokk

From Lauren Elise Crafted

From All Things Paper


Cute Japanese butique in Chicago

30 Apr

I sometimes think that it is difficult to seek own simple style in Chicago within reasonable budgets. Also I am too scared of the awkward moment that someone wear the same garments next to me. A lot of SPA type of stores in Chicago makes our shopping easier to follow the trends, but also boring and less creative to take adventures in your own style.

Atelier Toi Toi Toi seeks simple but unique garments. And most of their items are one of a kind. It is influenced by Japanese layered style, which will add small but distinct accents to your daily styles. Its simplicity of the products let you play with other items that you are sick of in your closet. They take custom orders.

Website: Atelier Toi Toi Toi

Great ideas for all bike lovers!

30 Apr


This LED magnetic lights can turn on as soon as it attached to the bike frame. It is easy to attach and take out when you need to leave a bike outside, because of the magnet. Designed by Copenhagen Parts

Dupont Corian Creative Award 2011

27 Dec

3 of the prize winner of Dupont Corian Creative Award 2011 was announced in the late October 2011 in Japan. Yayoi Inui presented her tiling system design using the combination of green materials and Corian.  The theme of competition was “Corian With Green”, featuring Dupont’s material, Corian. Her presentation provided how her tiling system may be applied as walls, shelves, flooring, and benches.  The combination of natural materials and Corian created vibrant visual rhythm as well as longer life span for the product.  The design was created with two foci on mind, 1. protecting native flora by using renewable indigenous sources, and 2. promoting the local businesses in the communities by using the local material with traditional roles.  With these foci, the combinatorial materials can be exchanged based on the local resources and availabilities. The presented tiling system used Bamboo and Raspberry Jam Wood as an example of her concept. The emphasis was made on the necessity in creating the global standard for cultivating and set up the business flow unique to local environments. She hopes this recognition by Dupont, a global leading material company, will help raising the awareness in our society tproactively utilize renewable local materials.

Please visit their website to see other winners’ works.

Industrial Felt from Germany

27 Dec

I am currently searching industrial felt for my next design.

Through the internet surfing, I found this German company FilzFelt and loved what they do with their materials.

Only thing that I don’t like about them is that they charge us for the sample swatches…though even the swath book is cute…

art required action

14 Dec

A paper-made Installation, The Wald aus Wald by by Takashi Kuribayashi

You can see this at Hong Kong Arts Center till 29 January, 2012.

Interaction is a big key when I personally enjoy art.

You will be inspired by the different impression you experience gained by your voluntary action such as walking, looking at from various perspective and changing views.

Also actions caused by someone who experiences in, on, at or through the same art at the same moment inspire you by the sound, the movement or the appearance.






The small world of multi-functional furniture

23 Nov

I found this article from Stylepark.

Many of the multi-function on these furniture are not necessary, I think… but add visual impression like “funny” “smart” and “taste of minimalism.”